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      Gifts for guys

      Christmas is just a week away, and some people are still undecided on what to get for that special someone in their lives.

      Christmas shopping can be especially difficult for women, who sometimes want hints on what to get for their special guy, whether it is their son, father, or husband.

      With so much of our lives relying on technology, some men say electronics are a Christmas gift they'll gladly accept. Store officials at Team Wireless say iPhones and tablets are a popular gift this year.

      â??The prices range from anywhere from free with the iPhone 4,â?? explains Team Wireless CEO, Brian Boucher. â??It's free nowadays, and it goes up to $200. Thatâ??s the most expensive phone we carry."

      So what are some women opting to get?

      â??My husband, Iâ??ll be giving cash to him, so he can put it towards a new dirt bike for our son,â?? says Andrea Couillard. â??Then also my son, we ended up getting him a tablet and a helicopter that you can control with your telephone."

      So what gifts do guys not want for Christmas?

      â??Men do not like surprises when it comes to gifts," says Kyle VanDrese.

      A safer bet would be to learn his interests. Some guys say ask for a hint.

      â??Me, being an outdoorsy kind of guy, I would definitely like a new rifle or something that has to do with hunting or fishing," VanDrese adds.

      One thing guys and girls can agree on is that any gift that comes straight from the heart, whether big or small, will be much appreciated this Christmas Day.