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      Girl Scouts have some new cookies this year

      You may soon be adding a few new cookies to your list of Girl Scout favorites.

      Cookie sales kick off on Friday and one new cookie, called Thanks A Lot, is described as crunchy and fudge covered and features a new eco-friendly look that cuts down on packaging.

      Other new products include Lemonades and Shout Outs. Old favorites will also still be available for purchase this year.

      Proceeds from the sale go to the Girl Scout Council and the local troops. Organizers say it is a great character building experience.

      "Learning what they can accomplish together is very meaningful, then they give to their communities in so many ways," said Community Development Manager Jill Rady.

      The cookies are selling for $3.50 a box this year.

      If a Girl Scout doesn't come to your door, you can check out their website or call the Girl Scouts at (888) 747-6945 to see when and where they have set up public booths.