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      Girl Scouts learn all about aviation

      On Saturday, over 60 Girl Scouts took a crash course in aviation.

      The annual event is hosted by the Northwoodâ??s Ninety-Nines , an organization of licensed women pilots. The event raises money for Northwoodâ??s Ninety-Nines and usually collects close to $1,000.

      The scouts learn the ins and outs of being a pilot both in the sky and outer space. The girls were first given a tour inside an older model airplane, along with deeper knowledge of its mechanics. Many of the scouts, including 11-year-old Emilee Gooch, wasted no time hoping into the pilotâ??s seat. â??It was really cool,â?? said 11-year-old Emilee Gooch. â??You got to hold all the controls.â??

      The girls also got a chance to taste different types of astronaut foods.

      "I'm trying peanut butter and jelly on a tortilla, oatmeal and I don't remember what the orange thing was called," 10-year-old Mariah Fortin said while giggling.

      Other items included on the taste testing menu were dried apricots and beef jerky. After the long day of aviation training girl scouts earned their wings, a patch for their sash.