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      Girl Scouts participate in Powder Puff Derby

      Girl Scouts from cadet troop 5002 tested their wheels in the first ever Powder Puff Derby.

      Scouts, family members, and friends gathered at Redeemer Lutheran Church to catch all the action yesterday. Now it is the first time the Girl Scouts held a derby in Marquette.

      According to troop leaders the idea really came from girls seeing the derby's held by the Boy Scouts.

      "We didn't know how to weigh our cars. So, we had to take them off as we got here," said Ilah Wilson. "My dad cut it and then you have to sand to make it smooth. Then I painted it, let it dry painted it again. Then I just throw on some sparkles just to make it me," said Hailey Burt.

      Cars were judged on the fastest speed per level.