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      Give fishing a try...for free

      According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, this weekend is a great weekend to go fishing.

      The DNR is offering free fishing this Saturday and Sunday for both Michigan residents and non-residents. Fishing licenses in Michigan usually vary from $15 to $28, but for the next two days DNR staff are allowing anyone to cast a line for free.

      "The point is to try and get people out who maybe haven't gone fishing before or aren't sure that they want to buy a license to go fishing," said Debbie Munson Badini of the DNR. "Gives them a chance to try it out see if they like it and say they do want to buy a license and continue fishing as a hobby."

      For those who may need a lesson, parks and recreation staff are hosting two ice fishing classes. One of the events is in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park and the other at the Crystal Falls field office.

      There are also other fishing events providing free bait and equipment. To find out more, check out the Department of Natural Resources website here.

      Free Fishing Information