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      Gladstone has new mayor

      The city of Gladstone welcomed their new mayor, Joseph Maki, Monday night. He was the top voted in last weekâ??s election.

      Mayor Maki was sworn in during Mondayâ??s city commission reorganization meeting.

      In the last four years, Maki has been a member of the city commission, including Mayor Pro-Tem. Prior to retiring, Maki was an employee of the city of Gladstone.

      This year marked the 100 year anniversary of the Tardiff familyâ??s service to the City of Gladstone. The tradition started in 1913 with Makiâ??s great uncle, Louis Tardiff, as the alderman in the fourth ward of Gladstone.

      Joseph is the second Maki to hold the Mayor of Gladstone title.

      Maki explains, â??My mother was formerly the mayor about thirty years ago, my grandfather worked for the city of Gladstone, and my uncle worked for the city of Gladstone. So we have a long history of being involved in the city of Gladstone politics.â??

      Alongside Mayor Maki was Mayor Pro-Tem Hugo Mattonen, as well as Jay Bostwick and Matthew Gay.