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      Gladstone schools are getting a new look

      Gladstone schools are getting a much-needed facelift.

      Gladstone's school superintendent says last February they were successful in going to voters and asking for a millage to renovate and add new construction.

      Six new classrooms are being remodeled at Cameron Elementary. Construction crews hope to enclose it by snowfall so they can work inside the building through the summer. The last phase includes other projects like roof repairs.

      The project costs just over $7 million, but it'll benefit students and educators.

      "It puts them in a position to not have to worry about the environment," said superintendent Jay Kulbertis. "It gives our teachers all of the tools that they need in terms of technology and furnishings so that they can do what they do best which is teaching and learning."

      The entire project will be completed at the end of next summer.