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      Gladstone Ski Hill back in business after warm start

      The Gladstone Ski Hill opened for the season on January 5. However, warm temperatures caused them to shut it down after just one day. Now they're back up and running.

      It may be considered a small ski hill, but officials say thousands of people enjoy the activities at the Gladstone Ski Hill during the season.

      â??It's a tremendous asset to have here,â?? said Jon Swenson, Assistant Director of Parks & Recreation. â??I encourage everyone from the community and from the surrounding area to check it out and take advantage of it. Itâ??s a great cheap, easy, fun way to have a good time and enjoy the winter months while they're here."

      The ski hill offers beginner and intermediate skiing.

      On an average weeknight, there are about 30 tubers, skiers, and snowboarders.

      â??The snow's pretty sticky,â?? said snowboarder Riley Starnes. â??My board's waxed really good, and I just like to ride a lot and hit rails and stuff."

      The officials have a licensed ski patrol, and the children are always supervised.

      So why do the kids participate?

      â??Well, it's close to my house,â?? explains participant Mason Lachance, â??and I can get a quick bus ride here from school, and mostly all my friends come here, too."

      Many of the kids say they enjoy being outdoors learning a new skill and making new friends.

      The Gladstone Ski Hill is expected to stay open until the first week of March. If you'd like to check out ski hill hours, you can visit the city's website at