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      Gluten-free restaurants in the Upper Peninsula

      Sarah Juday has a wheat allergy. Sometimes finding gluten-free food, while eating out, can get a little tricky.

      "When I'm by myself, it's a little easier because I don't have to worry about other people. Sometimes it's hard to pick where you're going, especially when your friends want to go to a certain place and you know you can't really eat a whole lot there," said Sarah Juday.

      More restaurants are catering to customers in need of gluten-free foods, like Border Grill in Marquette.

      "If somebody orders a gluten-free burrito, we will get a completely separate griddle that we keep designated just for gluten-free menu items preparation. We put that on the stove and hear the tortillas on that griddle," said Daniel Torres, owner of Border Grill.

      Juday said when she eats out, she knows there is still a risk with cross-contamination of food, but she has found other restaurants in Marquette.

      "Donckers has gluten-free bread now which is really nice because I love Donckers, and then there's Aubree's who has gluten-free pizza crust," Juday said.

      On the TV6 and FOX UP Facebook page, we wanted to know some of the restaurants that offer gluten-free food.

      Richard Floyd said, "Studio pizza in Hancock."

      Sandee Koski Raappana said, "Karl's Cuisine in Sault Ste. Marie."

      If you cannot find a restaurant that caters to your needs, you can always buy your own gluten-free foods.

      "Just know that there's always an alternative and it can always taste even better," Juday said.