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      Go! Baraga County

      For the past two years, Baraga County has been working closely with the western U.P. planning and development region on devising a plan to boost the county's economy.

      A three-point plan has finally come to fruition through a grant from the U.S. economic development administration and named, "Go! Baraga County."

      "We want to ensure that these are going to be realistic economic drivers that can actually be done with existing resources instead of a lot of strategic plans like this that end up sitting on the shelf," said Jerald Wuorenmaa, WUPPDR Planner.

      The plan focuses on healthcare, collaboration with the U.P. food exchange, and boosting local industry.

      "We know there's a high demand for industrial park space in Baraga County because they have two public industrial parks that are full," said Wuorenmaa. "We're trying to provide a full-service industrial park that provides that opportunity."

      WUPPDR is currently applying for a grant of nearly $1.75 million from the USEDA to improve some issues on the 40 acres of land available on Lambert Road in L'Anse.

      "Once those companies take a look at the site, they find out that we don't have sewer and a class a road there, it's an impediment to them moving forward with business opportunity," said Robert LaFave, Village Manager of Lâ??Anse.

      Most of the plans are expected to be implemented within the next year.

      The county and WUPPDR are asking the community for their input.

      "We believe that this should be the kind of place where a person can grow their family, plant their flag for their future," said LaFave. "We need to do what we can from a community standpoint to help make that happen."