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      Goals in sight for Bay Cliff camper

      The summer for campers at Bay Cliff is already over halfway complete, and one teenager is well on his way to achieving his goals.

      TV6 checked in again with Tim Minier and found it was a big week for Tim, from spending a lot of time walking to celebrating his birthday. He is working hard to recover from a major orthopedic surgery.

      Tim's therapy exercises are making a major difference. In the past week, he has been climbing stairs and trying more challenging stretches. He has strengthened his endurance, so now he is spending more time walking with his cabin counselor, Josh Hass.

      "Last Friday, we started walking to the Big House for meals, which was a big step for him," recalled Hass.

      Tim is noticing the changes.

      "It feels different because when I am walking heel to toe, it feels like I am walking upright and straight," said Tim.

      Other parts of Tim's daily routine include increased mobility, like doing his own laundry.

      "I think doing laundry is a part of therapy for him, just moving in different ways, but I think one goal of the teen program is to become more independent and learn responsibility as they go on," Hass said.

      Hass' role as a motivator and role model for Tim is creating changes in his own life.

      "Over the weeks, without noticing, I've cared less about myself and my own problems; they've kind of faded away," Hass said.

      The Grand Valley State senior, who is considering a career in physical therapy, is appreciating the fun moments he's having with his campers, like celebrating Tim's 15th birthday on Monday.

      Tim is having a fun summer while keeping careful track of his progress. His big goal is still in mind as the last day of camp draws closer.

      "At the end of camp, walk right out that gate," he said.

      Bay Cliff campers head home on Saturday, August 4.

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