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      Gogebic Community College prepares for new year

      College students all over the Upper Peninsula are getting ready for a new school year. For some that means leaving home for the first time. For others, the transition will look a little different.

      Freshman year of college is exciting, but for some it can be a little intimidating. Incoming freshman at Gogebic Community College, Ben Zielinski, isnâ??t very worried.

      â??I decided to come to Gogebic because it is a good opportunity pretty muchâ?? said Zielinski. â??You can work in the summer, live at home, go to school. I am playing basketball so that is a big part of it. I wanted to play sports so I figured I would come here.â??

      Gogebicâ??s 1,400 students start classes on Monday. The school prides itself on their staff and a 15:1 student to faculty ratio gives students the attention they need.

      â??You can always talk to your professorsâ?? said Zielinski. â??You get to know them more personally than if you went to a bigger school where there are 100 other students in the class and they have no idea who you are.â??

      â??You can have the best facilities in the world, but if you donâ??t have the faculty and staff that are able to work with students and help them succeed, work through whatever problems they have, you are not going to be successfulâ?? said Jim Lorenson, president of Gogebic Community College.

      Tuition is relatively inexpensive compared to most colleges at about $100 per credit.

      â??Having Gogebic Community College in the western U.P. actually created opportunities for folks who might not otherwise have a higher education opportunity for a variety of reasonsâ?? said Lorenson.

      Gogebic draws students from more than just the Upper Peninsula. Their ski area management program is just one of three in the entire country and brings in people from all over the nation.

      â??We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional experience and I do not think this year will be any differentâ?? said Lorenson.

      Enrollment is up at Gogebic. With upgrades to facilities and extracurricular activities, it is sure to be a great school year.