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      Gogebic County Fair wraps up

      When the fair's in town everyone comes out. However, what keeps this tradition alive each year?

      "I enjoy all the activities they do like rides and the mud run I'm excited for," said Ally Pairolero.

      "Funnel cake is definitely amazing. Deep fried Oreos, deep fried candy bars, Twinkies you get whenever you come to a fair," said Ruger Manzer, guest.

      It's the 93rd Annual Gogebic County Fair, and for the first time ever exhibits and competitions were open to everyone not just local residents.

      However, attendance dropped by 33% this year, officials believe it's because the U.P. State Fair was on the same weekend.

      "Even though our attendance has been down our community continues to support our kids. So, they had the livestock auction last night and the prices were up 43%. So, we are so happy to support our kids and reward them for a job well-done," said Kathy Jo Koval, Marketing Entertainment.

      The fair board also honored two volunteers with a lifetime achievement award.

      The 4-H pie contest was a hit with 26 entries

      Pies are judged on their appearance, aroma, flavor, crust and filling.

      "You get anything from fruit pies that are very very sweet to very very tart or something in the middle. Some of the other pies were using different fillings chocolates or pecans," said Don Hitt, pie judge.

      This year they had 14 rides, and 26 vendors, but new was their craft beer contest, and wheels and motors.