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      Golf course going green

      The Marquette Golf and Country Club is going green with the help of Michigan State University. It's a collaborative effort from professors, environmental groups, and golf courses throughout the state to make golf a greener game.

      "Part of the reason I got into this businesses is because I love the environment, so if we can enhance that in any way, it's a good thing," said Superintendent Craig Moore.

      It's called Michigan Turfgrass Environmental Stewardship Program, and they have a long list of requirements that golf courses who wish to be involved need to meet. At the Marquette Golf Club, they're following those requirements.

      "I think every golf course should get involved in the program. It makes you take a look at your facility in a different light, and you really learn about what you're doing and if you're doing it the right way," Moore added.

      The Club never used to recycle, and now they do. They've also turned 12 acres of course into grassy fields that offer a more natural habitat for animals.

      And, it's saving them money.

      "These are areas that were maintained every week, so fuel savings, labor savings. We come through and mow these down once a year, that's it now. Before, they were mowing them once, twice a week," Moore said.

      In addition to the more natural areas, the golf course put in bird houses, and now, they say they see bluebirds every day, when before they saw them once a month.

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