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      Golf outing helps raise money for local vets

      The Warrior Relief Fund based in Marquette County held its third annual golf outing Saturday.

      As flags lined the outskirts of the Red Fox Golf course in Gwinn, 30 teams played 18 holes.

      Money raised by the Warrior Relief Fund goes directly to veterans in need.

      From creating a wheelchair ramp at a veterans home to giving financial support to military families, the Warrior Relief Fund is available when veterans need it.

      The organization is made up of local volunteers as well as veterans.

      "We decided that instead of relying on other sources that take time we'll raise money here and keep it within our community and helping out the families and the veterans that have served for us and done what we need. We decided to return the favor for them," said Kelly Buchanan, sponsorship coordinator.

      If you are interested in learning more about the event or the Warrior Relief Fund click here.