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      Golf pros teach kids their tips

      This afternoon, young golfers had the opportunity to learn a few free tips from the pros. Rachel Rohanna, Sara Mande Juneau and Marissa Steen from the Symetra Tour?| Road to the LPGA, shared their inspirations and insights.

      Before hitting the balls, all the girls stretched, and explained the importance of warming up their muscles to avoid injuries. They recommended swinging the club with your opposite hand sometimes to strengthen different muscle groups. The girls also spoke with the kids about aiming techniques and dedication to the game.

      ??Just practice really hard because especially in golf it talks a lot of repetition to become good,?? said Steen. ??So, just practice as much as you can. I know the winters are long here but even if you can set up a net in the basement or something and work on it, I think that??s really important.??

      The Symetra Tour Island Resort Championship begins this Friday at the Sweetgrass Golf Course.