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      Golfing for a cause

      Twenty-two teams of four gathered at the Marquette Golf Club to enjoy a fun-filled day while supporting two local organizations.

      The Superior Health Foundation partnered with the Superior Alliance for Independent Living for the golf outing.

      "I'm very happy to be here to participate in the golf tournament because it really supports two great institutions," said Mike Coyne, a golf outing participant.

      SHF is a conversion foundation which provides charitable funding to the under-served of the Upper Peninsula. And SAIL is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping those with disabilities lead a fulfilling and independent lifestyle.

      "With the proceeds from today, they are going to be using that money to purchase kayaks and adaptive seats to enable those with disabilities to experience the thrill of kayaking. So we're just thrilled to be able to work with them, partner with them, on such a wonderful event that benefits so many different people," said Jim LaJoie, Executive Director for the Superior Health Foundation.

      SAIL also has future plans in the works once the kayaks and adaptive equipment is purchased.

      "We're really good at partnerships, so we're going to be partnering with the YMCA to get some adaptive instructors that know stuff about kayaking. I'm actually an adaptive instructor myself. And then we're also partnering with Down Wind Sports; they're helping us to get tandem kayaks that we'll be able to purchase with the funds," said Sarah Peura, Executive Director for SAIL.

      And with this happy beginning came a happy ending. After 18 holes of golf, the Superior Health foundation and SAIL came up with around $15,000!

      For more information on either organization, click here for SAIL and here for SHF.