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      Goodbye, Upper Michigan! My last weekend doing weather

      5-8-13, A beautiful day in Munising
      Hey, everyone! I'll start off by saying that this is my final weekend doing the weather here at TV6! Friday is my last day, but I'm pretty sure I'll just be doing reporting this week, so this is my main chance for a goodbye. Be sure to watch Sunday night after the Packers game, which will be later than normal, but we'll be talking a bit at the end of the show.

      I have recently been hired at WILX in Lansing where I will be their new weekend meteorologist. I'm really excited for this next step in my career, but I will miss the U.P., where my career got its start.

      I'm originally from Summit, IL, a small south side Chicago suburb bordering the city, so I'm used to a heavily urban/suburban lifestyle. Moving to the U.P. was such a major adjustment. There were many things I did not like at first, but over two years, I have found myself loving Upper Michigan.

      I've met so many kind and wonderful people here and I've learned so many new things. It is truly a very fond farewell. Above all, I will miss the endless beauty of Lake Superior. In all Chicagoland, the Lake Michigan shoreline is always just a hop, skip, and a jump away, and it never meant much to me, but Lake Superior will always stand out. Oh, and the northern lights, too!

      I've got a couple things to write off my list before I go, like one last trip to the Lagniappe and the Rice Paddy. And one last pasty, too. Any suggestions on where? :) And a walk around Presque Isle or Sugarloaf.

      Lastly, I'll still be on Facebook and Twitter (possibly with new names or handles, but I'm not sure yet) so please continue to follow me. Keep in mind that I will mainly be posting about Lansing and downstate weather starting next week, so I won't be offended if you decide not to, but I would still enjoy sharing and retweeting your Upper Michigan weather photos.

      Since so many followers have enjoyed my weather photos, I've attached many of my favorites that I've taken above. I took each of them myself with a Droid 3 or a Droid RAZR HD.

      Below, I've also attached two links for news stories. The first is one of my favorites that I've ever done about a rare seagull in the U.P. The second is one of my worst. It was my first news story ever! Ugh, it was terrible! I didn't know what I was doing. Talk about a fish out of water. Thankfully, my reporting skills have come a long way!

      Thanks for everything, Upper Michigan! It really is someplace special! I'll probably visit in the future, you know, after winter. :)


      Click here for the weather forecast. The most important things to note: Sunday night will be cold and windy with some light lake effect snow from the north which may accumulate some snow in higher terrains north. Monday will be chilly, but clearer, and Halloween Thursday will be much less cold, but much more rainy.