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      Goodwill provides employment for all

      Cleaning, hanging, and sorting are just a few of the things that take place on a daily basis at the Goodwill Work Center Services.

      Goodwill is not just a store. They offer various programs for businesses and they train and place workers.

      "In the work center, what we call our Work Center Program, it's primarily people with developmental disabilities, but we also serve people outside of our work center with any range of disabilities," said Keith Stenger, Regional Manager for Workforce Development.

      The work floor is where vocational trainees process items for the Goodwill stores, and they also assemble and package items for private companies.

      The work floor isn't the only place where trainees gain valuable experience. There is also a salvage and recycling operation. Nothing goes to waste, even when it comes to clothing, and any of the unsold items from the Goodwill stores goes here. The clothes are placed into a machine that compresses the fabrics and it is sold for its fiber.

      Everything done in this facility gives the trainees real work experience. The participantsâ?? skills, interests, and abilities are matched with job opportunities in the community.

      "They not only have vocational training, but they get a paycheck and they earn money and it helps them become more independent," Stenger said.

      The goal of these various services is to break down barriers by providing work for people who need it.

      Among the numerous trainees are two individuals who have worked for over two decades within the company. In part two of our special on Goodwill's Workforce Development, we will find out more about those dedicated individuals.