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      Google privacy change responses

      As of yesterday, "Googlers" will have a different Google experience.

      The billion dollar company is taking all of the information that you put into your separate Google accounts, and condensing it into one.

      This means your Google , Picasa , and YouTube searches will all be stored in your personal Google history.... then the search engine will provide ads that cater to what you search.

      "I'm grateful for all the advances in technology. Our world has changed in so many ways in the last five years. However, I feel that it's important for people to maintain their privacy and have a choice as to whether or not they want additional add-ons from the technology to protect their privacy," Google user Gail Razavi said.

      But there isn't a choice.

      Google will automatically store any information that you search.... but other sites, like Facebook , do this too.

      And it's for one reason -- money.

      "It's actually one of the big parts of that is to get better ads directly based on what the user is screening for so they have better click-throughs on ads, which gives Google more money. A lot of their income comes from the ad revenue.," 906 Technologies co-owner Dave Bayles said.

      And some users are understanding of that.

      "As far as advertisements go, that's to be expected. Most internet sites, that's how they make their money... From their advertisements," Google user Nate Noteck said.

      But there is a way to see how you appear to Google.

      You can click here, and you can see a wide-range of information that the company has on you... but you need to be logged into your Google account to do so.

      And, if you want, you can go in and periodically delete your Google search history, but there isn't an option to not have it automatically recorded.