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      Got snow? Grand Marais does

      Snowmobilers are still riding the trails in Grand Marais, and that's because of how much snow they still have.

      "It's great! It's almost April here, and we're still snowmobiling," said Mike Coyne.

      They didn't start seeing snowfall until late January, but once it started, it was there to stay. Last week they received 30 inches over two days. With the consistent snowfall, it's increased business for the area.

      "This has been great. This has been amazing, it has been quite a blessing. We still have snow here; still have some coming next weekend. Just hope for the best," said Delphine Wilson, owner of Voyager Motel.

      Snowmobilers say March is the best time.

      "Some of the best riding is now. I mean there are fewer people. You can get in for dinner. You don't have to worry about all the people on the trails. You can easily find the room. It's a good time to ride. In January and February, you don't get to ride in the sun as much," said Josh Pittsley.

      For the winter season, Grand Marais has received more than 200 inches of snow, and they are expecting more to come. Along the lakeshore, you can barely see houses; they're covered almost to the top with snow drifts.

      Many driveways look like tunnels from how high the snowbanks are, and with the new breakwall, the bay is frozen over. Some say even with all the snow, business will slow down soon.

      "I think the people that plan their wintertime fun have used if up. I know I've had people here four or five times here in a very short time," said Aleta Hubbard, owner of Dunn Motel.ã??