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      Gov. Snyder discusses industry in Upper Peninsula

      Governor Rick Snyder toured Manistique Papers and answered questions and concerns at a town hall meeting with employees and community members on Monday.

      In his speech to the public, he said Michigan is the comeback state in the U.S. today. Our economy is growing faster than the rest of the country, and the most important aspect of the state is not the Great Lakes, it's the people.

      When asked what he thought was needed to bring more jobs, the governor answered, it's about skilled trades.

      "We got away from vocational training," added Governor Snyder.

      He also said we need Washington to not hold us back. Lastly, he addressed growing industries.

      "In the mining front, there are several good projects being proposed around the U.P. in the timber front, there's opportunity for us to be more strategic," Snyder said. "As a state, we can do a better job of setting a long-term policy on how to leverage our timber resources, partnering with the private sector."

      The governor will be at the U.P. State Fair in Escanaba on Thursday.