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      Gov. Snyder holds town hall meeting in Negaunee

      Governor Snyder visited the Negaunee Senior Center Tuesday for a town hall meeting with Marquette County residents. Road improvements, supporting senior services and County Road 595 were some of the top concerns residents asked Governor Snyder.

      Snyder said he is working to get more resources for roads.

      "We need a billion dollar a year annual investment in our roads to bring them up to a standard that would be acceptable because no one likes our roads today, and that's a lot of money, and I can tell you that's a big challenge," said Governor Rick Snyder.

      He added that even with the challenge, if an investment is not made, it will only cost the state more money.

      Adequately supporting services for seniors was also addressed. Snyder mentioned a major summit regarding seniors starting in 2014 to help them receive better services.

      "We have put more dollar resources for senior services than there were in the past. We've been working hard to reduce the waiting list of people that want to stay in their home versus going into a nursing home," Snyder said.

      Snyder said there are too many cases of elder abuse, and he will work to pass bills to help keep seniors safe.

      Anna Mattson asked about County Road 595.

      "I'm hoping that 595 is not dead, and I'm hoping that the examples set in Marquette County and all of the U.P. with the Heritage Trail will transfer what we need to have done in Washington," said Mattson.

      Snyder said the problem with the road lies with the EPA.

      "We should've gotten to a better answer than where we are today, and we're willing to continue to work the issue, and that's just something I hope the community will partner with us at the state level well, and we can have a unified voice in terms of talking with the federal government," Snyder said.

      During the town hall meeting, Snyder also talked about working to improve the state when it comes to jobs.

      "We've improved dramatically, but there's a lot of room to go. It's not going to happen by using tax credits to buy someone to come into Michigan," Snyder said.

      He said the best way to increase the workforce is to have entrepreneurs who are also innovators.

      The governor said a program called Pure Michigan Business Connect, created by the state, is showing huge success. The program asks Michiganders to buy from one another.

      "We also need to do a better job of helping people find their career path," Snyder said.

      Education was also talked about with Snyder saying hardworking teachers need more support, and it is important to make sure they have better and more resources in the classroom.