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      Governor Rick Snyder gives his fourth State of the State Address

      Governor Rick Snyder gave his fourth State of the State address in Lansing Thursday evening.

      Snyder talked about the addition of 221,000 new private sector jobs, mentioning that the labor force is growing in the state for the first time since 2006.

      Other key issues were a decrease in crime across the state, the elimination of 1,500 unnecessary regulations, as well as a budget surplus.

      Locally, Snyder talked about Michigan Tech's Smart Zone collaboration with Northern Michigan University.

      "This is about how well people can partner. We have an instance where we've had a smart zone with Michigan Tech for a number of years; they just held their 10th year anniversary. But now, we have a situation where they are partnering with Northern Michigan University and Marquette. So we are bringing communities together and bringing synergy and power. So I want to compliment those particular communities and those universities in the U.P. for their outstanding work," said Governor Rick Snyder.

      Reaction to the speech was mixed.

      "I think he made a very strong point of driving home just how much success he's had and we've had in the last three years," said Kevin Flohe.

      "He talks about being a comeback state and the truth is that there is so much more to be done, we're far from back," said Ben Bohnsack.

      Whatever your opinion of the Governor is, this is a key year for Snyder because he is up for re-election this November.