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      Governor Rick Snyder in Marquette

      Governor Rick Snyder was in Marquette Thursday. He was the guest speaker for the first meeting of the Economic Club of Marquette County of the season.

      Governor Snyder encourages cooperation among businesses. By working together, all of Michigan will benefit and more people will stay in the state to work.

      "Act like you're part of the big family of all of Michigan. Because sometimes we get into the issue of the U.P. versus the Lower Peninsula. Let's all be Michiganders together. That's the power that we have," said Gov. Snyder.

      Cooperation is what the Economic Club of Marquette County is all about. Their monthly meetings promote area businesses and encourage networking for professionals from all backgrounds.

      "Nobody can operate their business in a vacuum. You're always working with each other and it's just synergistic," said Al Hendra, President of the Economic Club.

      The club invites guests speaker from all fields. Gov. Snyder also spoke here in 2010. His appearance this time brought in over 200 people, making it the biggest meeting yet.

      The governor spoke on the optimistic future of the state, stating that there are an additional 220,000 new private sector jobs since December of 2010, and the state population is on the rise.

      "I'm proud to say we're the "Comeback State" in the United States. We still have a lot of work to do. I don't take that for granted at all, and I'm not slowing down, I'm not stopping, I'm not changing anything. In fact, I'm happy to accelerate," Snyder said.

      The club's October meeting will feature former Congressman Bart Stupak. Other future speakers include Aaron Popkey, Director of Public Affairs for the Green Bay Packers, and Scott Graham, Executive Director of the Michigan Brewers Guild.