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      Governor Snyder extends statewide propane emergency

      Governor Rick Snyder is extending the statewide energy emergency due to the prolonged propane shortage.

      The governor says part of the problem in the Upper Peninsula was a lack of supply. He says supplies in Wisconsin were halted for a new pump installation, causing distribution issues in a Rapid River facility.

      The installation prevented them from producing propane. That issue is resolved, and Governor Snyder says the supply problem in Michigan is okay, but adds it may still be a rough road due to the weather.

      "We're working with the industry and the railroads and other states on bringing more supply to the Midwest," said Governor Snyder. "Drivers carrying propane in Michigan will continue to be exempt from state and federal regulations for hours of service."

      Governor Rick Snyder is encouraging lower income families struggling to pay their propane bills to call 211. Low income families can find a heating assistance program, and if you think you're being unfairly charged, contact the attorney general's office.