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      Governor Snyder presents 2014 state budget proposal

      Governor Rick Snyder presented his 2014 Fiscal State Budget Plan to lawmakers Thursday.

      The budget plan outlines the Governor's intentions of investing in Michigan's future and making it the nation's comeback state. The recommended budget invests in the state's priorities, one of which is education.

      Governor Snyder is proposing an increase in all K-12 and higher education funding for the next fiscal year.

      According to Governor Snyder's budget plan, an additional $130 million will be used for early childhood education over the next two years: $11.5 billion in state funds for K-12 and $30.7 million for Michigan's 15 public universities and 28 community colleges.

      All those numbers equal a two percent increase in state funding for all the schools.

      Vice President of Finance Adminstration at Northern Michigan University, Gavin Leach, said, "We're thankful the Governor is looking at higher ed. and investing more in higher education. Right now we're not sure what Northern's percentage increase will be as a result of the budget."

      A two percent increase in educational funding is always a great thing. But what are the numbers really like?

      Superintendent of Negaunee Schools, Jim Derocher, says that the two percent increase the schools receive will help them break even, so the plan is a good one, but it's not enough.

      The minimum amount of aid K-12 districts can receive is $34 more per student this fall.

      "We have roughly 1500 students, so you do the straight math and 1500 times 34, it's roughly $51,000 more," said Derocher.

      In addition to his educational funding, Governor Snyder has many other plans for Michigan. Among them, setting aside state funds for use in case of natural disasters.

      The Governor says that an emergency fund would allow Michigan to be financially ready to respond in case of a natural disaster or emergency.

      Governor Snyder is also calling for additional state funding to put more state police troopers on the streets to keep our neighborhoods safe.

      Expanding dental care for low income Michigan children is included in the budget plan as well.

      If approved, the entire budget plan will go into effect for the next fiscal year.