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      Governor Snyder tours Dickinson County

      Most of the local officials stressed a similar concern with the governor's plan to phase out personal property tax. City council members say they're already in the red and have been working tirelessly to consolidate spending. Iron Mountainâ??s City Council already cut approximately $700,000 in the past year alone of annual spending. City Manager Jordan Stanchina says losing that revenue from the personal property tax will only add to the city's struggle.

      â??Hereâ??s another revenue thatâ??s going to disappear, and we want to make sure thereâ??s something there to compensate us for that going forward,â?? says Stanchina.

      Governor Snyder explains the expiration of tax credits should provide a significant stream of revenue to compensate.

      â??Itâ??ll help replace the lost revenue from the personal property taxes so it's not a burden on the local jurisdiction,â?? says Snyder. â??Getting rid of this tax that holds back investment would be a big help.â??

      Both residents and local officials brought up the concern of getting more skill trade programs into schools. However, in a recent Michigan House Energy and Technology meeting, businesses revealed that the 20 to 30 percent increase in utility bills threatens growth and amount of job opportunities available.

      "One of the things is a better electrical transmission throughout the Upper Peninsula. We've got some great biomass opportunities where we can use our natural resources here to generate energy," Gov. Snyder says.

      Representative Ed McBroom believes a better electrical transmission may lessen some of those energy costs.

      â??Itâ??s hindering business growth and development here in the U.P. because the electrical system is so maxed out right now,â?? explains McBroom.