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      Governor Snyder's office gathers public input on energy

      Governor Rick Snyder wants to make good energy decisions for Michigan and is asking for public input to do so.

      A meeting was held at Northern Michigan University by the governor's staff to gather information from the public about Michigan's energy future. Governor Snyder's energy message says energy efficiency will save money, support local jobs and is good for the environment of our Great Lakes.

      Over 75 people attended, including many local businesses.

      "We need to move into more renewable energies," said Marquette City Commissioner Jason Schneider. "Prices are getting cheaper and cheaper. It's becoming way too easy to accomplish and it creates a long-term economic stability when people know what they're going to be paying for power rates rather than relying on what it's going to cost 10 years from now."

      Energy plans that are made will be set up by 2015 and then implemented by 2016. If Friday's weather kept anyone away, you can submit feedback online until April 25 at