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      Graduation Day at Marquette Senior High School

      Marquette Senior High School held its Class of 2014 graduation ceremony at Lakeview Arena Sunday.

      The mood was excited yet reflective as students and faculty spoke of how far the graduates had come and how far they could go. Some students couldn't wait for the chance to get out of the area and start a new chapter of their lives someplace else.

      "Yeah, I'm very excited. I mean...I just want to get out of high school and try new things, see what life is like outside the U.P." said graduate Gabe Apple.

      "i'm going down to Oakland University for musical theater and communications. And then hopefully after that...thinkin' about doing some performing or maybe end up directing, but I want to stay in the music business." said graduate David Beshaw.

      More than 200 students graduated at the ceremony.