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      Graduation day for hundreds in Upper Michigan

      Hundreds of students accepted their diplomas for graduation on Saturday. Both Northern Michigan University and Michigan Technological University had more than 800 graduates combined walk the stage.

      "I'm really excited! I've been going to school since I was seven, so I'm really ready to be done," said Kylie Stimac, a MTU Marketing grad.

      "I'm so excited," stated Maria Torola, an NMU graduate. "I'm so ready to go out into the world and start nursing as my career."

      Ahead of Saturdayâ??s commencement at Tech was a special ceremony marking a milestone for those ready to serve their country. Cadets received their final salutes from their commanders and then were pinned by loved ones promoting them to the Army or Air Force as second lieutenants.

      "A lot of hard work goes into getting to this point and I'm ready for it to be done," admitted David Brown-Strange, an MTU Mechanical Engineering graduate.

      Although itâ??s a big day for the grads, it's the parents, who pushed their children since preschool, who can't help but snap as many Kodak moments as possible.

      "My daughter was labeled with a learning disability in the fourth grade and here it is; sheâ??s graduating college in 3.5 years," said Tyree Hall, a parent.

      And while many students have a hard time finding employment once they finish school, 95 percent of the graduates at Michigan Tech leave with a job already lined up.

      "I actually have a job in Virginia Beach, Virginia," said Kodi Padilla, a Civil Engineer graduate with MTU. "I will be starting there in March."

      As for the rest of the graduates, one thing is for certain: despite where they head, they'll never forget the school that made them into what they are today.

      On behalf of TV6, congrats to the entire Class of 2013 that walked Saturday.