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      Grand Marais Marina going away

      People in Grand Marais still want something done about their breakwater in the harbor. Built in the 1800s, it has deteriorated over the years. Without a sufficient breakwater, the harbor is filling with sand at the pace of about 150,000 cubic yards a year. Also, the harbor has become extremely rough, deterring boaters from using its marina. While the Army Corps of Engineers already has plans for a new breakwater, they claim they have run out of stimulus money and can no longer build it putting the community in a difficult position.

      "If we don't get this project underway and get this taken care of, this harbor's not going to be here much longer. I don't know how much longer the township can afford to keep dredging this marina; we took 10,000 yards out of here this spring. We had to dredge it three times to keep it operational," said Burt Township Supervisor, Jack Hubbard.

      The community needs six million dollars to complete the project.

      They are still looking to the Federal government to provide those funds.