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      Grand Marais residents fondly remembered

      An entire community of lives changed drastically recently following a fatal car accident.

      Eighty-three-year-old Robert and 79-year-old Lucy Pine died from injuries sustained in a car accident Thursday afternoon on H-58 in Burt Township.

      The Grand Marais residents left behind a loving family, a supportive community, and a legacy in their town. Many community members say Bob and Lucy were prominent figures and sent their love to everyone at all times.

      Lucy's first love, though, was the library. And Bob's first love was nature and the marina.

      Robert Pine was active on the planning commission, working at Woodland Park and the marina.

      "Well, he was quite a nature lover. You would see him out. He really liked hanging out at the lake and sand dunes and even down on the pier. I don't think he went anywhere without his binoculars," said family friend, Jack Hubbard.

      Lucy Pine served on the election board, as well as the Burt Township librarian.

      "Always reading a book. When we didn't have people in voting, and recommending books to everybody and saying, 'We have that in the library!' Always had a smile on her face, and she was just always so thoughtful," said family friend, Pat Munger.

      "I knew Lucy especially. I just remember her being a good friend. She was always there for me, if I had a problem. And I was there for her," said family friend, Lois Leavenworth.

      Residents say the couple will be sorely missed.

      A funeral service for the couple hasn't been set yet.