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      Grand Sable Dunes section closed due to erosion

      A northeast section of Grand Sable Dunes is closed to the public for visitor safety.

      The National Park Service reports that a portion of Grand Sable Dunes is rapidly and unpredictably eroding into Sable Creek and Lake Superior. The closed section begins at Sable Falls parking lot, at the Ghost Forest Trail leading to Grand Sable Dunes. The area continues north to Lake Superior beach, then along Lake Superior to the west side of Sable Creek.

      "Due to erosion that has occurred over the last several months, the dune are unstable and on the verge of collapse," reports lakeshore superintendent Mike Pflaum. "The dune instability is a threat to human life and safety. We are currently evaluating the extent of the erosion and posting the area as closed to all public access."

      The trail to Sable Falls remains open, but officials advise you to stay on the trail and observe closure signs for your safety.

      For additional information, call the Grand Sable Visitor Center at (906) 494-2660.