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      Grandma graduates college at 71 years old

      Leslie Watson is a 71-year-old grandmother and on Saturday, May 4, 2013, she will graduate from college.

      "It was on my bucket list, and I have been encouraged by my classmates from high school, and others are amazed that somebody would go through the ordeal of classes, exams, and papers," said Watson.

      A sociology in liberal arts major, Watson started attending Northern Michigan University in 2010 and said before going to school, she spent 30 years as a certified volunteer teacher.

      "I would like to be paid to tutor in English as a second language. I'm certified in doing that. I taught abroad, but agencies couldn't pay me before because I didn't have a bachelor's degree," Watson said.

      The United States Census Bureau found in 2011, 40,037 men and women over the age of 65 were enrolled in college.

      As for Watson, she said school was not always easy, but looking back, her time spent on campus was definitely worth it.

      "When you prepare yourself to do something that's unknown even, you're ready. You have a lot of information. You have the ability to encourage other people and help other people," Watson said.

      After graduation, Watson said she might teach English as a second language for NMU, but in the meantime, she has already signed up for graduate classes.