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      Grandmother testifies in CSC case

      Itâ??s the third day of court in the case against Ruben Gonzales. Gonzales is charged with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and two counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct.

      The defense called a key witness Wednesday. The victimsâ?? grandmother, Barbara Gonzales, is married to Ruben Gonzales, and she testified that Gonzales never touched her granddaughters.

      â??Did I ever consider that Ruben did this? No. I knew the price that I was going to pay, that I would lose my children and I would lose my granddaughters, but I also knew in my heart that my husband did not do this, and I knew I had to do what was right,â?? said Barbara Gonzales.

      The grandmother also says her granddaughters are good at telling stories, and they became very jealous of Gonzales because they wanted their grandmother all to themselves.

      The defense argues that the victimsâ?? testimony continues to change, and the defense says one victim told a police officer that Gonzales never touched her. When asked in court, the victim said she was fondled by Gonzales.

      Before the prosecution rested their case, an expert witness in child sexual abuse took the stand.

      â??Even if it was a childâ??s intent to falsify disclosure to get attention, the kind of attention that is a consequence of that is usually pretty negative, and it doesnâ??t accomplish the task that the child wanted it to, so thereâ??d be immediate take back of that story,â?? said Thomas Cotterell.

      Gonzales waived his right to testify, and his attorney said it was due to medical issues.

      The defense and prosecution rested their cases and will deliver their closing arguments Thursday, and then the jury will begin deliberation.