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      Grant Carlson for State Rep.

      Grant Carlson is a democratic candidate for the Michigan??s 108th House District. Thursday, he held a meet and greet in Escanaba to speak with the voters.

      With two daughters in school, Carlson said he is extremely passionate about education. He said with over a billion dollars in cuts to education since 2010, the classrooms have taken a hard hit. He hopes to change the way our education funds are distributed. He believes more money should be allotted to public schools than cyber or charter schools.

      ??I think it is also important to level the playing field with charter schools and cyber schools,?? said Carlson. ??The fact that they receive that same per people funding as public brick-and-mortar schools is something that needs to change. It??s one of the first things I would like to address.??

      Carlson??s next meet-and-greet is scheduled for Tuesday at Schloegel??s in Menominee.