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      Gravel pit debate in Powell Township

      The controversy continues for a proposed gravel pit in Powell Township. There was a full house Wednesday for a special meeting of the Powell Planning Commission. At the last meeting, the commission denied the application brought forth by Lindberg and Sons.

      After receiving legal council, the commission overturned their decision to reject the proposal. The gravel pit would be in a residential area on County Road KR also known as Brown Deer Road.

      "There's a reasonable argument, at least, that if the planning commission failed to consider all of the things specifically addressed in the statute that their actions at the prior hearing could be deemed incomplete," said Roger Zappa, who serves as legal council for Powell Township.

      Those opposed to the gravel pit site say safety and noise are their major concerns. The commission will hold a public hearing on the issue at the next meeting scheduled for June 27 at 6 p.m.