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      Gray Thursday overshadows Black Friday?

      Black Friday got off to a much different start this shopping season. Parking lots were nearly empty, aisles were clear, and there were plenty of carts for everyone.

      Like several large retailers, Target kicked off their doorbusting deals on Thursday evening instead of waiting the extra day. Although some super savers thought it might tarnish the Thanksgiving tradition, most shoppers were pleasantly surprised come Friday morning.

      "I'm thankful I waited," said Jennifer Longacre. "I did it last year at the early morning, standing in line for two hours, waiting to check out and, yeah, this is so much better. And I was against the whole 'I can't believe they're opening on Thanksgiving, that's wrecking the holiday,' but it was a good idea."

      In years past, customers might have waited upwards of three hours to come in and check out. The Gray Thursday wrinkle had most done in a few hours.