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      Great Lakes Research Center turns one year old

      It has been one year since Michigan Tech's Great Lakes Research Center first opened its doors.

      GLRC director, Guy Meadows, said the state-of-the-art building has allowed researchers to work together, whereas before, much scientific investigation was done on a more individual basis.

      â??The purpose of the center is to bring groups of researchers together to attack the real multi-disciplinary problems that face the Great Lakes,â?? said Meadows. â??These are issues that are far bigger than individual investigators.â??

      The waterfront center has been the home base at which many significant findings have been made, such as the affects of invasive species.

      Meadows said researchers are always looking ahead at the next problem to solve.

      â??We want to have the science in place to be able to answer the questions about how do we effectively manage this resource which is essential for life,â?? Meadows explained. â??That is going to be a looming problem in the next couple of decades that we are preparing for.â??

      They're preparing by adding two news pieces of technology: one being a supercomputer that creates predictive models of the lakes and the other being an automated submarine that can collect data from the lake bottom.

      And the center isn't just for researchers. It's opened to anyone who is interested in learning more about the Great Lakes.

      â??We try to incorporate all of our science and our instrumentation and our data into a large outreach and education effort,â?? Meadows said. â??It's very exciting to see young, next-generation scientists here in the building and learning right on the waterfront what the Great Lakes are all about.â??