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      Grede veterans

      Grede Foundries is being singled out for their commitment to hiring veterans of the US Armed Services. Grede makes machine parts for companies, such as John Deere, and Honda in the past. The company is an important part of Dickinson County, employing some 500 people.

      Michigan Works presented Grede with the award for hiring veterans, something that meant a lot to those veterans on the job at Grede.

      Being a veteran, it has a special meaning to me knowing the effort and sacrifice that goes into serving the Armed Forces of the United States, so it makes me particularly proud on behalf of the veterans that work for Grede LLC, said Randy Priem.

      Grede employs about 50 veterans, which is about 12 percent of the workforce, and they're all very happy to have won this award.

      I really appreciate the appreciation that was shown to us today. That was really nice, said Kurt Robinson.

      When asked if being a veteran helps in the hiring process, Priem said it certainly does.

      There's just certain intangibles there. Loyalty, honesty, dedication that the expectation that this person has to bring with them to the job. So certainly it probably gets moved up the stack a little bit when we're talking about and interviewing employees, Priem said.

      Grede LLC is benefiting from hiring these hard working veterans, and the veterans' lives are better because of it.