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      Green Bay Packer player helps tackle hunger

      The Escanaba Department of Public Safety teamed up with the Green Bay Packers Wednesday night to help stock local food pantries.

      For the cost of a few non perishable food items, guests were able to get an autograph from offensive guard Don Barclay of the Green Bay Packers.Throughout the school year, many students receive free or discounted lunches. Once summer hits, many of these kids' families are unable to provide them with three meals a day.This was one of the many reasons public safety and Barclay were holding the food drive.

      "I grew up a little outside Pittsburg and I got to realize and see how many young kids do starve and have struggles with their families. So, to give back and put some food on the table means a lot to me," said Barclay.

      The event helped collect over 1,700 pounds of food and hygiene products for Delta County's three food pantries.