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      Green Bay Packer visits Upper Michigan health care clinic

      The Green Bay Packers are teaming up with Bellin Health in Kingsford, encouraging people to get flu shots this year.

      Packers' cornerback Jarrett Bush was signing autographs and taking photographs with fans who had signed up for their flu shots on Tuesday as part of the Packer's Titletown Wellness Partnership with Bellin.

      The program is asking fans to take one for the team.

      "Flu vaccines are very important because they're the only defense we really have to protect ourselves against influenza. It helps protect you from getting the illness, but also, if you don't get it, you cannot pass it to your loved ones," said Dr. Nicole Linder of Belling Health.

      "Just wanted to share the relationship through Bellin Health for wellness; everybody go get your flu shots and stay healthy," added Bush.

      Doctor Linder also says now is the best time to get your flu shot. Check your local area for upcoming clinics, or you can always contact your health care provider.