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      Green Bay Packers visit Dickinson County

      It was a green and gold surprise at the Norway-Vulcan Area Schools on Wednesday morning, but the students didnâ??t know it at first. They thought it was just another school-wide assembly.

      â??I didn't know anything about it. It was a complete surprise,â?? said fifth grader, Jeffrey Van Holla.

      Three former and three current Green Bay Packers arrived at the school, unbeknownst to the kids.

      â??They announced to just go to the gym. They didn't tell us anything else,â?? Van Holla said.

      As part of their Tailgating Tour, the Packers are stopping at schools, to meet some of their biggest fans. Current players Mason Crosby, Jarrett Bush, and Brad Jones talked about goal-setting and making wise decisions.

      â??Some of the things I wish I would've done when I was younger would be doing your homework, listen to mom and dad, and listen to your teacher,â?? said Green Bay Packer cornerback, Jarrett Bush.

      â??That was really interesting just to be able to see someone like that live, that had to go through a lot to be in the NFL,â?? Van Holla.

      Besides talking about their own goals, the players also answered questions from the eager audience, including some who wondered how to become a pro-athlete.

      â??If they want to be a pro-athlete, let them know what it takes, the sacrifice and dedication; the hard work it takes. You definitely have to have a passion for what I do, because it's a yearly job, not just a 6-month job,â?? Bush.

      â??I would've asked what they thought the two teams who would be in the Super Bowl in the next season or what's their favorite college conference to draft from,â?? Van Holla said.

      The event ended with T-shirt and football giveaways, and also few hugs. The Packers also stopped at the VA Medical Center in Iron Mountain to chat with veterans and thank them for their service.