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      "Green" building in Kingsford gets award

      If you can create something that's innovative AND environmentally-friendly, why not?

      That's what architects thought when they designed the new Oldenburg Group building in Kingsford. Their efforts awarded them the LEED certification for their sustainable and eco-friendly building.

      The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification recognizes the company's water and energy savings and sustainable site development.

      General Manager in Kingsford, David Johnson, is really happy with the way the building turned out with its efficient features.

      "Low flow water usage is an example, sustainable products in its building and construction, and energy-efficient lighting provided by our architectural lighting firm, which is Visa Lighting in Milwaukee," explains Johnson. "But all of these things together make a building that is very friendly to our workers and also low impact on the environment.

      The building showcases unique lighting features, including altering colors for seasons.

      The Oldenburg Group, a Milwaukee-based global supplier of heavy equipment and architectural lighting, opened its Kingsford location in 2011.