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      Grill options and grilling tips

      Spring is in the air, and so is the smell of grilled food. With so many grill options on the market, shopping for one can quickly go from fun to overwhelming.

      So, I had Menardâ??s Scott Thill narrow down the most important things to consider when shopping.

      He said the size and grate material are important decisions, but the biggest question remains, gas or charcoal?

      â??Well, grilling aficionados will always say the charcoal grill is the best tasting,â?? said Thill. â??The advantages of the gas is convenience. It is a lot faster, it heats up a lot faster and reduces your cook time.â??

      For those consumers who are indecisive, there is a duel fuel option.

      The next decision is size. There are tabletop options, while other grills are bigger than your kitchen table.

      The final thing to consider are the plates.

      â??One is a cast iron, which is going to get you a lot better flavor,â?? Thill said. â??Or, youâ??re looking for a porcelain-coated one which is a lot easier to clean. So, both are good options, but itâ??s a matter of choice.â??

      Regardless of your grillâ??s age or size, itâ??s all about the food.

      Escanaba's Hereford and Hops head chef Nick Giguere said the most common grilling mistake is misusing the heat.

      If you just want to sear the meat, use direct heat.

      â??If you like it more well done, move it off the heat more, let it cook a little more through the center and then that way it wonâ??t be as charred on the outside,â?? said Giguere. â??Youâ??ll still have a nice juicy, but well done steak, the way you like it.â??

      Whether it is gas or charcoal, rare or well done, grilling this spring is all about options.