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      Ground ambulance service closes, air service unaffected

      On Monday it was reported that the IFR Ground Ambulance Service in Dickinson County has ceased operations. There was some confusion over video showed during our newscast, identifying Valley Med Flight, Inc. as the closing operation.

      Valley Med Flight's air ambulance operation is still operating out of Iron Mountain, with no plans to discontinue service. IFR Ground Ambulance closed on last Friday. IFR issued no response to our questions regarding the closure.Below is a statement from Valley Med Flight officials to further clarify the situation:

      "Valley Med Flight is the only air ambulance service provider in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and remains in full operation.

      It is unfortunate to learn that the IFR ground ambulance service has closed its doors, however IFR and Valley Med Flight are two separate organizations and share no relation or affiliation. Valley Med Flight is still operating out of our Iron Mountain, MI location and has no plans to discontinue service. Our team of critical care nurse and paramedic providers remains readily available to meet the air medical needs of the residents of the Upper Peninsula 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

      We apologize for any misunderstandings associated with this confusion and thank you for your understanding.

      We feel blessed for the continued opportunity to serve the residents of the Upper Peninsula, and look forward to the many more years of doing so."

      Jacob KellerService Director Valley Med Flight, Inc.