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      Groundbreaking at future condominium site

      A groundbreaking ceremony early Monday morning marked the beginning of the next phase of construction at Founders Landing.

      Once completed, the Everett Building will look quite similar to its neighboring Ripley Building, which features nine units, and like the Ripley Building, the condominium will be three stories high.

      However, architects on the project decided to reduce the height of the building by two feet in response to neighborhood concerns of obstructed lake view.

      Project leaders still say the project should not come as a surprise as they were included in the city's master plan nearly a decade ago.

      "There was a long process of community input and a master plan was drafted for this property," said Chief Architect Barry Polzin. "And it included building three story condos on this site. The decision to build three stories on this site was made long before we were involved with the project."

      Workers hope to get the foundation done before the heavy snowfall and the rest of the Everett Building completed by August 2012.