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      Group gathers cans to kick cancer

      Students at the Marquette Alternative High School are trying to help a local boy fighting cancer.

      The students went door to door collecting returnables for four-year-old Colton Steinhorst who's battling an aggressive cancer. In addition to collecting cans, the students made t-shirts and necklaces to sell to the other students at Graveraet High School.

      Some of the students are using this event to pay it forward.

      "I'd have to say from first-hand experience when my mom had cancer, we struggled a lot. We tried our best to have fun. We kind of went in debt, but we fought it and our community helped us and our family really helped us out. I feel like we were gifted with my mother, so I feel I need to do the same for everyone else fighting cancer," said MAHS senior Anthony Harry.

      This was the last day of school for the seniors at Graveraet. The faculty at the school says they have been working to increase the students' community activities.