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      Group gets a look at Marquette's judicial system

      The Lake Superior Leadership Academy got an up-close look at the Marquette County judicial system on Thursday.

      The yearlong program is in its 13th year and is run by the Lake Superior Community Partnership. The 25-member class attends day-long workshops once a month that highlight different aspects of Marquette County.

      On Thursday, participants observed a hearing in the circuit court and also toured the district and probate courts. Participants include a range of ages and different industries.

      "Somebody from the class coined it last year as almost like a VIP tour of Marquette County, and it truly is," said academy facilitator Lindsay Hemmila. "It's for everybody. It's just really to get to know your classmates, create long-lasting relationships."

      Future workshops include education day and health and human services day. To find out how to register for next fall's class, check out www.marquette.org .